How Spring Cleaning your Home can Boost its Value

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The sun has got his hat on and – while he may take it off again for a bit – Spring is definitely here. What better time to flex those new post-Christmas gym muscles, dust off your mop, and get down and dirty at home with a vigorous Spring Clean? If you’re wondering why adding a spring to your everyday cleaning step can make a difference, then read on and be inspired:


What is a Spring Clean?

A proper Spring Clean is a deep clean of your home. It typically involves tidying and decluttering, followed by the systematic strip-down of each room in your home, every part of which is then cleaned thoroughly before being repopulated with items that have also been carefully cleaned. In practice, Spring Cleaning has come to mean any form of cleaning that is more rigorous than that which you would normally do.

The tradition of the Spring Clean dates back many centuries, and has been linked to the seasons, and to religious festivals and celebrations. More recently, the practice of Spring Cleaning offered a chance to breathe the freshness back into a home that had been locked up tight through winter to preserve heat.

The result of this necessary lockdown, was that damp, dirt, and soot build-up from fires combined to make the home a terribly unhealthy place. Poor weather, and a lack of affordable or effective cleaning products and appliances made winter cleaning a significant challenge. In many cases it just didn’t happen. Until Spring, when the doors could be thrown open, rugs lifted, and floors and walls cleaned without the risk of hypothermia for householders.

Thankfully, most people no longer suffer under such dire conditions, and in modern times it’s relatively simple to keep your home feeling reasonably clean and fresh with minimal effort. Most of us indulge in at least a cursory sprucing up of our living environment on a regular basis.

So why bother to level-up with a Spring Clean?


1: It pays to be prepared

You may have no intention of selling your home, but life might have other ideas. None of us know what surprises life has in store for us, and they’re not always easy ones. It only takes one unexpected life-changing event – such as redundancy, a divorce, a baby, or a sudden illness, accident or death – to potentially throw your world into chaos.

You could find yourself needing to sell and, even if you don’t, it pays to be prepared. Moving home is stressful enough whatever your circumstances. Whenever you’re ready to go to market you want your house sale to be as simple – and lucrative – as possible.

Being able to present your property in its best possible light for the least possible effort will be so helpful when you’re ready to go, and a home that has been deep cleaned will be:

  • Free from clutter- getting rid of unwanted items can help make your home look for spacious
  • Easy to depersonalise- you’ll be consciously aware of the locations of photos and other personal effects, and can easily slip them out of sight for viewings should you choose to
  • Quick to prepare for viewings- a last minute superficial clean will be all your home needs


2: It makes your property memorable

One of the keys to a quick sale is making your property memorable – for the right reasons, of course. And a deep clean can help enormously with that. No one will notice that there are no cobwebs in the corners of your rooms … but they will notice if they are there. By not giving potential buyers negative things to focus on, their attention will naturally settle on the positives. And yours will be the home they remember with a smile.

Deep cleaning has a kind of invisible magic that works in so many subtle ways. It can make a property look brighter in images, the colours more vivid. And it offers an impression of clean readiness that all buyers find appealing - there’s nothing worse than getting the keys to you new pad, but having to don a hazmat suit and scrub the place down before you can start unpacking the boxes.

A clean home will stand out because it appears cared for, and ready to move into.


3: It reduces maintenance and potential pre-sale costs

Deep cleaning, by its very nature, forces you to confront those corners of your home that you’d probably sooner forget - the dusty space under the bed; the sticky cupboard tops in the kitchen; the discoloured grout in the bathroom; the grubby finger marks on the wall.

All homes harbour these kinds of dark spots, where the muck falls, and sits, and never quite gets cleaned. Their presence doesn’t necessarily mean your home is dirty. Just that it needs a deep Spring Clean if it’s going to be spotless.

And the process of deep cleaning can be very revealing. You may discover mould or damp that you didn’t know was present. Peeling wallpaper concealed behind a wardrobe could be your first sign of a bigger problem. And the watermark from a slow-drip leaky tap on the bathroom sink might only reveal itself when you clear out the built-in cupboard that sits directly beneath it. Taking down pictures to give them a proper clean will show you just how grubby your walls are - some may be in need of redecoration and you hadn’t even noticed. 

Issues like these are not only damaging to your health and your bank balance - they are also red flags that might wreck your chances of a quick and easy sale until they’re resolved. Buyers are wary of taking on work, or inheriting problems they perceive as costly and a hassle to sort out. A Spring Clean can bring them to your attention, giving you plenty of time to plan how and when you fix them.


4: It keeps your home smelling fresh

Food odours, smoke, pet dander, human hair, drink stains and more, all permeate the fibres of your carpets, rugs, curtains, and soft furnishings to varying degrees. And their smells can linger long after you’ve banished the Vanish back under the kitchen sink.

Your home may look clean on the surface. It may even smell clean. But unless you deep clean these items in your home every so often, the odours that they cling to will linger under the surface. They will be there whether you actively notice them or not - and when you live with a smell, often it’s difficult to recognise that it’s there: your nose becomes acclimatised to it.

If you’ve ever had your carpet professionally cleaned you’ll have seen how something you thought was simply a ‘bit grubby’ can be transformed to look like new. The fibres are buffed, the texture softer, and the colours revived to their former glory. And, crucially, any hidden smells are eradicated.

Make it a mission to Spring Clean the soft fibres in your home once in a while, and you might be surprised at the difference it makes to the general freshness in the air.


5: It creates a sense of well-being that buyers will pick up on

When you’re in a nice place you generally feel good at a base level, even when life isn’t so great. A clean space has a sense of peace, calm and order about it that can be just the antidote to the madness of life. And that atmosphere, that aura of tranquillity, can help put buyers at ease, and might just make the difference between an offer and a walk-away should you decide to put your property on the market.

Sound like fluffy nonsense? Maybe. But the popularity of minimalist living and feng shui (using the layout and design of buildings and their contents to create positive energy flows) suggests otherwise. An ordered, clean environment is a happy space for many people – including home-hunters – and a Spring Cleaning can contribute to that by:

  • Giving you a sense of ownership and purpose as you work - both of which are good for your general well-being
  • Providing the framework within which you can work to declutter your home and create more space
  • Cleansing your home of negative smells, stuff and muck that might just have been sapping your energy on the sly 


6: It makes it a pleasant place to live

Your home is the place where you spend the majority of your leisure time. You want it to be a nice space. Regular cleaning gives you that, but a Spring Clean can take your home-happy to the next level in a big way. And it doesn’t all have to be done at once.

Tackling one room, or one project within the home, at a time can make the Spring Clean feel more achievable. And once you’ve made a start, you might just feel inspired to carry on into the rest of the property. Hard work it may be, but Spring Cleaning can really lift your mood, and the best part is that you derive direct benefit from it yourself.

If you’re proud of your home – and who wouldn’t be after a Spring Clean? – you’re more likely to keep it clean and tidy, and that will naturally feed into points 1:-5: above. Then if the world does throw you a curved ball, you can simply give it a polish and throw it back, secure in the knowledge that your home is ready for anything.


We encounter properties in all kinds of condition at Penrose, and clean or not there is a buyer for every single one of them out there somewhere. But Spring Cleaning might just give your home the edge when you’re ready to sell, or be top of your wish-list if you’re looking to buy. Contact us whatever your needs may be - we can help you to declutter your thought process, and guide you on your way to a clean property transaction.



Photo by Maarten Deckers on Unsplash

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